From the "who knew" department

Some of the HPC mavens at CSC in Finland (CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. is a non-profit, state-owned company administered by the Ministry of Education) got together and made a list of why they love Linux for Supercomputing. From the article:

Initially, few experts believed in the competitiveness of the Linux systems among the most powerful computing systems in the world. All doubts were, however, washed away at least by year 2008 when Roadrunner, built by IBM, reached the number one position on the supercomputing Top500 list.

The full article (and list) is here and I think many readers would agree with the list (and have some more points). Also the authors point out that the list is not exhaustive, they just picked the top five. Of course some of us have known this for a while now.

And finally, is operated by CSC and is where Linux was originally unleashed on the world. Nice how it all works out.

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