Busy, Busy, Busy, been testing GP-GPU, a 6-core Gulftown processor, and finalizing a new Limulus case. I'll have more benchmarks posted real soon.

I wanted to mention one thing, head over to Joe Landman's blog and read about the utter failure of Corsair SSD's. If you are in the market for SSD's I would be looking at other companies. According to Joe, they had chances to make it right, but have have not responded.

Expect some cool news out of the NVidia GPU Conference next week. Unfortunately, I won't be attending. I will probably attend the one day event HPC Financial Markets in New York City. This show used to be called "High Performance on Wall Street." It is basically the same event, which has a small, but free exhibit. Maybe I'll see you there. Intel Developer Forum is going on as well. There is news about the new Sandy Bridge architecture.

Finally, you may not know but I am on twitter. After some hesitation, I think it has value posting and tracking headlines and thoughts from people with similar interests. I don't "tweet" that much, but when I do I try and make worthwhile posts. My personal life is pretty boring so I'll stick with HPC.

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