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HPC and hyperscale analyst Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research gave a presentation on August 6, 2020. The entire presentation and slides are available on Intersect 360 webpage (Thanks i360).

If you are curious how HPC may play out in the COVID-19 pandemic, watch the presentation (including questions at the end). Slides are also helpful, but Addison provides good context . For the impatient, here are the conclusions:

  • Demand for high-performance computing endures. HPC is a long-term, stable growth market.
  • Regardless of COVID-19, dynamics were shifting toward:
    • Increase in cloud computing, or other cloud-like deployments
    • Increase in government spending
  • COVID-19 accelerates both of these trends
  • HPC vendors should expect purchases to be delayed in 2020, followed by a boom year in 2021 as sales cycles come back in. However, not all lost revenue is recaptured.
  • There is significant risk in this forecast. Two significant factors are:
    1. How long COVID-19 persists as an economic damper.
    2. The health of HPC vendors and their ability to ride out the market instability.

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