JuliaCon 2018 is due to take place next week at London's University College. I intend to post some blog entries here to give a flavor of the developments with the Julia language. But first – why Julia?

Like many HPC types, I have a fascination with tools. Finding exactly the right tool for the job is a joy, and I simply cannot pass a tool store without at least a cursory look around. I was recently in London's upmarket Marylebone district. Here you can find David Penton and Son a traditional hardware store which has been there for 167 years. The sort of place where a gentleman in a brown shop coat stands behind a counter and has a detailed knowledge of every object in the store. As an aside, those interested in Natural Language Processing should view the Two Ronnies famous sketch. Paxton's is a similar shop, but with much nicer staff!

I saw on the counter a simple wooden handled screwdriver. Priced at $40 (£30 ). 40 dollars! For one screwdriver! But, when I took it in my hand, it felt just right. Balanced, finely finished and ready to work. These screwdrivers are designed and hand made by an English furniture maker who was fed up with using bad tools. (see The Screw Driver Company)

There is a similar feeling about the Julia language. The founders of the language are craftsmen who decided the existing tools were not good enough and decided to create their own. This blog post describes why they created Julia. If you want to find out more about the $40 screwdriver which you just MUST have, I'll be blogging all next week (on ClusterMonkey) from JuliaCon 2018. Check back soon.

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