When I travel to the west coast (I live on the east coast) it takes my body 3-4 days to adjust, which is always when it is time to head home. I was out last night for a late dinner, got back to the hotel about midnight and woke up wide awake at 5:30am. By this afternoon I will be dragging my feet. It may be time for my first Red Bull (maybe that should be plural).

I'm still shifting through the news and I'll have more coverage throught week, but the big "tend" seems to be GP-GPU computing. Everyone is talking about it and there are plenty of products on the show floor. Of course it could be that the whole concept of racking, stacking, and managing clusters has been discussed to the Nth degree and GP-GPUs are fresh idea worth considering.

The Beobash was a great success. Here are some pictures and comments from John Leidel over at InsideHPC. Thanks to all the sponsors and the Linux Chick for all their support. I'll be posting video next week. Speaking of video, I have been spending a bunch of time doing video un-professional interviews for Linux Magazine. They should be hitting the web next week as well.

Someone also said they saw a hard copy of "HPC Dummies" at the show. Boy it would be nice to get copy of the book I wrote (some may call it a pamphlet). I'll down a few Red Bull and go on a quest today to see if I can snag a copy. There is nothing like a caffeine crazed overly tired writer pestering you at a trade show.

One final bit of news. I have a prototype of my Limulus personal cluster workstation up and running. If you are SC09, it is in the SICORP booth (1209). You can find more information (pictures and slide deck) on the project site. You want one of these.

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