It s that time of year. The annual Supercomputing show is upon us. Expect a bit more coverage from Cluster Monkey this year and as always look for us at the Beowulf Bash (look for the Easter egg in the upper right hand corner of the Bash web page). We will be holding this years Bash on Monday November 14, 2016 at 9PM at the Discovery Gateway: Children’s Museum 444 100 South, Salt Lake City (a few blocks from the conference center).

The Beowulf Bash is a true community party, paid for by a multitude of vendors — often competitors of each other — in order to thank the Beowulf community that developed the technology upon which much of modern-day HPC was built. Although there are many sponsors, no one sponsor takes sole responsibility for the event (kind of like Linux).

If you were ever curious about those snarky Beobash Invites and web pages, the full story is over at InsideHPC in the form of an Interview with Lara Kisielewska of Xand McMahon and yours truly. As part of the interview, we have posted all the Beowulf Bash Invitations from 2008 to the present. Hope to see you there!

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