Virtual shows are the thing! The always popular HPC (fill in current interesting topic) On Wall Street event will be virtual this year. If in the past you missed this event due to distance or time, now is you chance to check it out. According the Intersect360 reports that the financial sector represents a healthy 13% of the total HPC market, This year HPC + AIWall Street 2020 has announced two global CxO keynotes for its virtual conference on September 15, 2020. The morning keynote, “Cross-Border Payments and Real-time Reconciliation —Is the US Ready?,” will be delivered by Shaunt M. Sarkissian, Chief Innovation Officer, Global Head of Payments, IP, and Corporate Development at The Bank of London. The afternoon program will feature a keynote from Ritesh Jain, (Former) COO, Global Head of Digital Technology Foundation, HSBC, who will speak on the topic: “It’s Not Just About Open Banking, It’s About Open Financing Too."

Check out the Tracks and Sessions page to see the latest sessions including:

  • Analytics and Data
  • Crypto Innovation in a Highly Regulated Environment
  • Security and Risk
  • Infrastructure Development
Here is the best part, it is low cost or even free (depending on what you want to view)! There is also an on-line exhibit!. As an aside, I have attended this show since it began. I always loved the small size and up close feel of the show that always created great conversations.

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