Company reshaping Lustre storage design with their next generation Lustre Storage Appliance.

Aeon Computing has been awarded the 2012 HPCwire "Best HPC Storage Product or Technology" for their EclipseSL Lustre appliance that is the foundation of the 4 PetaByte Data Oasis storage system at San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC). The next generation system will push the Lustre storage performance even further.

The Oasis system supports three major client clusters, Triton, Trestles, and Gordon using different bridging technologies; Myrinet-to-10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) bridge (320 Gb/s), InfiniBand-to-Ethernet bridge (240Gb/s), and direct Lustre routing nodes. The EclipseSL provides 4 PetaBytes of storage with a sustained 100 GB/s data date. Oasis was built with 64 Aeon EclipseSL storage building blocks which constitute the system’s Object Storage Servers (OSS’s). Each of these is an I/O powerhouse in their own right with dual-core Westmere processors, 36 high-speed SAS drives, and two dual-port 10GbE network cards, each OSS delivers sustained rates of over 2GB/s to remote clients. Data Oasis’ capacity and bandwidth are expandable with additional OSS’s, and at commodity pricing levels.

"We believe that this is the largest and fastest implementation of an all-Ethernet Lustre storage system," said Phil Papadopoulos, SDSC’s chief technical officer who is responsible for the center’s data storage systems. "The Aeon design changed my way of thinking about architecting a Lustre system," continued Papadopoulos.

"SDSC’s requirements for high performance, affordability, and maintainability really pushed the envelope," according to Jeff Johnson, co-founder of Aeon Computing. "By working closely with SDSC’s engineers and systems staff, we were able to deliver a solution that meets the rigorous demands of data-intensive computing."

Aeon demonstrated their next generation EclipseSL Storage Server at SC2012 in Salt Lake. The new Intel E5 based EclipseSL system is a 4U form factor storage device that provides up to 144 TB (up from 108TB), support PCI Gen3, and has demonstrated data rates approaching 5GB/s (up from 3.8 GB/s). The next generation EclipseSL is available for sale and can be used as a stand alone storage device or as a high end component in advanced storage system designs.

At SC12, Doug and Jeff Johnson discussed their "high touch" approach to HPC with ClusterMonkey. Their ability to listen and survey customer needs and respond with the right solution has garnered many satisfied customers. Their winning the 2012 HPCwire award is a great example of how success in HPC comes from pushing the envelope and paying attention to the details.

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