[Beowulf] Power consumption for opterons?

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> On Wednesday 10 March 2004 11:56 pm, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> >
> > I went downstairs again today and really paid attention to the
> > kill-a-watt.  Dual 1600 MHz Opteron, 1 GB of memory, load average of 3
> > (I don't know why but they are running three jobs instead of two at the
> > moment) was drawing 182 Watts, 186 VA (roughly 1.5 Amps at a bit over
> > 120 V line voltage).

> I find you numbers a bit surprising still  As part of our latest
> I looked up the power consumption in the INTEL/AMD documention for the
> various processors under consideration:
surprising high or surprising low?

You're comparing DC power to just the processor vs wall plug power to the
whole system (including cooling fans, RAM, PCI bridge chips, etc.)  I think
that the databook numbers of ca 50-80 W per CPU (probably the highest
continuous average power) is nicely matched with 180 W from the wall for a
dual CPU...

The databook number is probably a bit on the high side... 180W from the wall
probably equates to about 140W DC.  There's probably 10W or so in fans and
glue, maybe 100W for both procesors, and 30W for the rest of the logic and

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