[Beowulf] Power consumption for opterons?

Trent Piepho xyzzy at speakeasy.org
Mon Mar 22 21:24:16 EST 2004

Two weeks ago, I asked about power consumption for dual opteron systems.  This
is summary of the numbers I saw posted here.

237 idle to 280 loaded for a dual 248 with two SCSI drives from Bill Broadley
250 loaded for a dual 240 from Mark Hahn
182 loaded for a dual 242 from Robert G. Brown

The 182 numbers seems to be too low, but it would be nice to have some other
data points.  Combine fewer fans, less memory, lower power or no harddrive,
more efficient power supply, and less load on the CPU, and you could see 182
vs 250 watts I think.

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