[Beowulf] Power consumption for opterons?

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Mar 11 08:39:02 EST 2004

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Alex Martin wrote:

> I find you numbers a bit surprising still  As part of our latest procurement 
> I looked up the power consumption in the INTEL/AMD documention for the 
> various processors under consideration:
> Opteron             240-244             82.1 W
>                     246-248             89.0 W
> I think these numbers are meant to be maximum?

You've got me -- dunno.  I can post a digital photo of the kill-a-watt
reading if you like (I was going to take a camera down there anyway to
add a new rack photo to the brahma tour).  I can also take the
kill-a-watt and plug in an electric light bulb or something with a
fairly predictable draw and see if it is broken somehow.

Right now a system in production work is plugged into it -- I'll try to
retrieve it soon and plug one of my new systems into it so that I can
run more detailed tests under more controlled loads.  I don't know
exactly what kind of work is being done in the current jobs being run.

One advantage may be that the cases are apparently equipped with a PFC
power supply.  The power factor appears to be very good -- close to 1.
This may make the power supplies themselves run cooler, so that the
power draw of the rest of the system IS only 20 or so more watts.  The
systems also have a bare minimum of peripherals -- a hard disk (sitting
idle), onboard dual gig NICs (one idle) and video (idle).

Will post newer/better tests as I have time and make them, although
others may beat me to it...;-)


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