[Beowulf] Solaris on x86?

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Jan 15 07:58:24 EST 2004

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> As for ROCKS, it's using a pure-GPL version of RedHat Enterprise
> something or other. So it's less odd than you might think. You might
> want to explore what your company thinks "mainstream" means... I don't
> think I get the sense in which they use the word.

I think it must be like the IBM ad with the spooky kid, the orphan that
nobody owned, that was adopted by the world and put to all sorts of
heavy lifting work (oh child labor laws, where are you now).  Maybe they
take the kid out in some kind of stream to drown him?

Very confusing.  

[And what's wrong with penguins, I want to know... what's with this
"kid" metaphor that looks like it belongs on the SciFi channel?]

Seriously, linux is both mainstream and pretty all-around excellent in
this (cluster/server) space.  You could argue that it isn't mainstream
on the office desktop or as a home computer (although the kid is
inexorably moving out into that stream as well in many places) but in
the server room linux has been a solid player for a long time and in
clusters it is by far the OS of choice.  

I mean, it IS only the most stable, scalable and maintainable operating
system the world has ever seen...

  rgb, trying his coffee withOUT sugar this morning

Time to go take my, um, "vitamins".

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