[Beowulf] Solaris on x86?

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pathscale.com
Wed Jan 14 16:51:08 EST 2004

On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 08:40:34AM -0000, Cannon, Andrew wrote:

> We are looking to get some x86 based compute power (possibly a number of
> Athlon based machines) and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of
> Solaris for x86, specifically, how well does it work in a cluster? Would we
> be better looking at Red Hat PW or ES or some other linux distro. The
> company is not too keen on going down the ROCKS etc route and would prefer a
> "mainstream" solution.

I see no one commented on this one.

Solaris x86 is much less used for Linux clusters, with the main
weaknesses being device driver support and compilers. It's certainly
much less mainstream than RedHat Linux in this space, but Unix is
Unix, and MPICH and most of our other favorite software runs on

As for ROCKS, it's using a pure-GPL version of RedHat Enterprise
something or other. So it's less odd than you might think. You might
want to explore what your company thinks "mainstream" means... I don't
think I get the sense in which they use the word.

-- greg

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