[Beowulf] multiline string literals...

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jan 13 08:29:25 EST 2004

This is a teeny bit off-topic, but I don't know where else to find a
group of knowledgeable systems programmers.

Does anybody here know WHY multiline literals, e.g. specifically
something like:

char usage = "
Usage:  foobar [-h] [-v] -f barianfile
  -h for help
  -v for verbose
  -f barianfile to specify your foo-bar-barian

are deprecated in gcc?  I have a very hard time understanding this.  A
string is a bunch of bytes in memory.  I can put anything I want in it.
It is clearly a million times more tedious to code this in one line at a
time, and many times more likely to contain a bug as well.

Sorry to rant a bit, but I've spent some time trying to understand just
what it is that they're saving me from or what low-level aspect of a
computer is made ambiguous by multiline literals in C code and come up
empty.  Seems like pure fascism to me, which is anathema in C.  You want
rigorous structure, use Pascal...


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