Linux vs FreeBSD clusters

Martin WHEELER mwheeler at
Sat Nov 8 16:32:41 EST 2003

On Sat, 8 Nov 2003, Mark Hahn wrote:

>   and precisely what I'm looking for is any reason
> to go BSD

<too-long-suppressed exasperation>

We-e-ell ... For starters, the experience might help get rid of this
inexplicable: 'Red Hat Is The Only One True God' attitude you seem to
want to inflict on the list readership.

Doesn't really go down a storm here in Europe, where *real* Linux
experts are automatically expected to be experienced with SUSE,
Mandrake, Debian -- and of course, Red Hat.  As well as others.

I'm afraid the "Oh, we don't use anything but Red Hat" freaks come
over as being extremely blinkered, and tend not to get very far (or
quickly relegated to the Red Hat niche areas).

Autre pays, autre moeurs.

(Oh, and of course there are valid technical reasons behind everyone's
preferred choice for carrying out a particular task.  However, blanket
dismissal of all but the reigning high-visibility sales publicity leader
does not count as a technical reason for most.)

Sorry; but too many remarks on this list over the past two weeks have
been allowed to pass without comment, and have increasingly pressed the
wrong buttons for me.

As far as I'm concerned, Red Hat is the Cobol of the 21st century.

</too-long-suppressed exasperation>
Martin Wheeler
   Long-time enthusiastic user of "the real thing".
   Sometime user of Red Hat (but only when paid to do so).

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