Linux vs FreeBSD clusters

Mark Hahn hahn at
Sat Nov 8 17:45:21 EST 2003

> >   and precisely what I'm looking for is any reason
> > to go BSD
> <too-long-suppressed exasperation>
> We-e-ell ... For starters, the experience might help get rid of this
> inexplicable: 'Red Hat Is The Only One True God' attitude you seem to
> want to inflict on the list readership.

you must have be confused with someone else: I could not care
less whether it's RH or not.  dists are unimportant, just a way
to install a set of precompiled tools/libs.  they are at best
merely non-problematic.  kernels are important.  compilers are 
important.  some libraries (libc, mpi) are important.  dists 
seem to spend most of their effort on things like installers
(which my cluster needed just once), GUI junk, and things like 
which 20 files in /etc contribute to the network config ;)

I value Suse and RH as organizations simply because they 
both provide meaningful support to certain projects that I'm
interested in (kernel, gcc, x86-64, etc)

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