Linux vs FreeBSD clusters

Daniel Jesús Valencia Sánchez Fetrovsky at
Sat Nov 8 16:09:47 EST 2003

hahn at wrote:

>>It seems that your are trying to logically argue that people who 
>>evangelize whatever form of linux/unix are being zealots. However, you 
>>avoid providing us with any logical reasons for this assertion.
>what?  I'm doing the exact opposite: asking for non-religious
>reason for choosing a particular OS or dist.  if there's a good,
>factual reason for using *BSD (say, its gigabit latency is 10 us)
>then I'd seriously consider switching.

I'm sorry... I couldn't help myself.  After several years using linux, 
and dealing with stability problems, I switched to FreeBSD, and since 
then (about 4 yrs ago) I've had no problems.  My code actually runs 
faster and I don't have to deal with several FreeBSD distributions.  If 
I have to hack an OS kernel or distribution in order to make it work, 
then I don't want it.  That's why I switched to Freebie.

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