Two CS undergraduates trying to build a prototype beowulf need help with bproc

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at
Tue Jun 17 11:03:10 EDT 2003

Marcos Hiroshi Umino wrote:
> Hello friends.
> We tried searching the mailing list archive, but the link on the beowulf
> site was off, so we decided to try our luck and consult the oracles. :)


> We installed redhat 8.0 in two machines, named master and slave1. We
> setup nfs and rsh/rexec/rlogin and everything is working fine at kernel
> level. We can rsh from/to slave1/master without any password prompts,
> and pam looks ok too.
> We installed the 3.2.4 bproc/beowulf kernel patch in kernel 2.4.20,
> recompiled it and as it seems, everything looks fine.
> We sucessfully modprobed vmadump and bproc, configured our master's
> /etc/beowulf/config and all looked fine to go.
> However, when we tried running bpmaster (as root) it started, then
> segfaulted.

You know, bproc has a mailing list too.

I remember running into a problem with bpmaster and my network
interfaces.  Do you have two interfaces?  One for the public network and 
one for the beowulf?  If your master node has only one NIC and you 
already configured the interface, then I think bpmaster will also try to 
initialize a network interface and you will have trouble.

> Unfortunately, our guidebook is a brazilian translation, and I must
> admit the translator wasn't very good at it. 
> We are trying to search for complementary textbooks (we are students, so
> books sugestions are great, but unfortunately are out of question). We
> are a bit lost because the book we're following seems to use an outdated
> beowulf version, because bproc docs seems to point toward no need for
> rsh/rexec.

Yes.  With bproc you have no need of rsh/rexec.  Although you can 
install bproc on a cluster with full Linux installs on every node, bproc 
based clusters usually only have a full install on the master.  The 
slave nodes boot up a minimal kernel from the master.


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