Two CS undergraduates trying to build a prototype beowulf need help with bproc

Maurice Hilarius maurice at
Mon Jun 16 01:23:11 EDT 2003

If you want a working and tested free bproc based distribution you may 
download it from our ftp server.
It is based on RedHat 7.3 (8.0 is rather messy)

Docs are included.

>Hello friends.
>We tried searching the mailing list archive, but the link on the beowulf
>site was off, so we decided to try our luck and consult the oracles. :)

>So, cutting down to our problem:
>We installed redhat 8.0 in two machines, named master and slave1. We
>setup nfs and rsh/rexec/rlogin and everything is working fine at kernel
>level. We can rsh from/to slave1/master without any password prompts,
>and pam looks ok too.
>We installed the 3.2.4 bproc/beowulf kernel patch in kernel 2.4.20,
>recompiled it and as it seems, everything looks fine.
>We sucessfully modprobed vmadump and bproc, configured our master's
>/etc/beowulf/config and all looked fine to go.
>However, when we tried running bpmaster (as root) it started, then


>Any sugestions, ideas, flames (those in pvt, pls) and the like would be
>very welcome. :)
>Thanks in Advance,
>Marcos Hiroshi Umino <japa at>

With our best regards,

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