[Beowulf] Virginia Tech upgrade

James Rogers jamesr at best.com
Tue Jan 27 17:25:45 EST 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 13:41, Vann H. Walke wrote:
> Ok, the space reduction is obvious.  Anyone know why the power/heat is
> going down?  Removing video cards / hard drives?  Do the video cards
> really use a significant amount of power if they aren't being used?  Or,
> is there something fundamentally different about the Xserve?   

Different fab processes for the CPUs.  The PPC970 XServes use a 90nm
PPC970 versus the 130nm PPC970 used in the G5 towers.  These are the
first chips off the new process line, and use about half the power of
the 130nm ones IIRC.

-James Rogers
 jamesr at best.com

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