[Beowulf] enforce resources_max.nodes

jaimeco jaimeco at dyer.rc.arizona.edu
Fri Jan 16 18:02:39 EST 2004

We have a cluster of alpha machines and we are running openpbs. We have created
a queue with a max number of 32 cpus. We want these jobs to run on
aura2 and aura4 as can be seen below. openpbs is not enforcing this
unless the name of the node is used (-l nodes=aura2:ppn=32). We would like
users to be more generic and use -l nodes=1:ppn=32 so that openpbs knows that
this queue should be assigned to nodes 2 and 4 and will enforce it.
It is not happening and jobs will usually go to aura0 --if there are enough
cpus there. 

Does anyone know of a way to enforce this or have any experience with this?

I appreciate your responses. Thanks

create queue aura_32p
set queue aura_32p queue_type = Execution
set queue aura_32p Priority = 100
set queue aura_32p max_running = 4
set queue aura_32p acl_user_enable = True
set queue aura_32p resources_max.ncpus = 32
set queue aura_32p resources_max.nodes = aura2+aura4:ppn=32
set queue aura_32p resources_default.ncpus = 16
set queue aura_32p resources_available.ncpus = 128
set queue aura_32p max_user_run = 1
set queue aura_32p enabled = True
set queue aura_32p started = True


Jaime E. Combariza
Manager, Research Computing
CCIT, University of Arizona
(520) 626-4050

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