[Beowulf] FOSDEM talk

John Hearns john.hearns at clustervision.com
Wed Feb 25 07:01:02 EST 2004

There is a current thread on SMART usage.
There was also a thread about six months ago on lm_sensors,
about the output format of sensors, and how one has to parse it.

Sorry if this message is a bit of a ramble.
At FOSDEM over the weekend I went to a talk by Robert Love
on his work on Linux kernel and destop integration,
on HAL and DBUS.
One slide made me sit up and take notice, as he had an example
of a kernel message saying 'overheating'.
The message format was something like an SNMP OID,
as I remember  org.kernel.processor.overheating
(or something like that).

One could then think of a process listening on the netlink socket,
generating (for example) an SNMP trap on receiving events of this
A better way of doing things than running sensors periodically then
parsing the output.

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