[Beowulf] S.M.A.R.T usage in big clusters

Felix Rauch rauch at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 25 03:34:38 EST 2004

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Daniel Fernandez wrote:
> On the other hand, is possible to deviate smartd log to a specific file
> and check it regularly when it's updated, adding this parameter to
> smartd:
> 	-l facility
> Of course some syslog.conf modifying will be needed to instruct syslogd
> to log on a specific file from the "facility" specified.

Thanks for the hints, I was not yet aware of the -l and -M flags.

Still, I think directly calling "smartctl" from a cron job is the
better solution. With just smartd and the flags above, you still won't
get any updates if the smartd simply dies and you won't even notice,
because grep simply finds the last entry in the log. Besides, you
still have the problem of log rotate (except if you let grow your log
file forever...).


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