[Beowulf] wulflogger, wulfstat's dumber cousin...

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Feb 5 11:36:39 EST 2004

On request I've got a second xmlsysd client going called "wulflogger".
Wulflogger is just wulfstat with the ncurses stuff stripped off so that
it manages connections to the xmlsysd's on a cluster, reads them at some
input frequency, and writes selected status data to stdout in a simple
table.  The advantage of this tool is that it makes it really easy to
write web or script or report applications, and it also makes it very
easy to maintain a dynamic logfile of selected statistics for the entire

This is and will likely remain a very simple tool.  The only fanciness I
envision for the future is an output descriptor format of some sort that
could be input at run time, so that a user could select output fields
and formats instead of getting the collections I've prebuilt.  That's
pretty complex (especially since wulflogger/wulfstat throttle xmlsysd to
return only the collective stats it needs) so it won't be anytime soon.

Only -t 1 is probably "finished" as output format goes, although -t 0
will probably get mostly cosmetic changes at this point as well.

Anyway, any wulfstat/xmlsysd users might want to grab it and give it a
try.  It makes it pretty simple to write a perl script to generate e.g.
rrd images or other graphical representations of the cluster -- in a
future release I'll provide sample perl scripts for parsing out fields
and doing stuff with it.

It is for the moment only available from my personal website:



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