[Beowulf] Re: HVAC and room cooling...

Gareth Glaccum verycoldpenguin at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 3 11:24:18 EST 2004

We sell solutions with automated power-off scripts upon node overheat using 
some of the APC products controlled from a linux master. Not that particular 
unit though.

>From: Joshua Baker-LePain <jlb17 at duke.edu>
>To: Eckhoff.Peter at epamail.epa.gov
>CC: beowulf at scyld.com
>Subject: Re: [Beowulf] Re: HVAC and room cooling...
>Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 10:11:32 -0500 (EST)
>On Tue, 3 Feb 2004 at 9:26am, Eckhoff.Peter at epamail.epa.gov wrote
> > Instead we found a sensor/software combination where the sensor ties
> > into the
> > serial port of one of the nodes.  So far we **have** been able to
> > gracefully shut down the
> > programs that are running.  We have **not** found a way to automatically
> > turn off the
> > various cluster nodes.  That's where we need some help/suggestions.
>Well, your high-temperature-triggered scripts should call a 'shutdown -h
>now'.  *If* your nodes are on motherboards that support it, and *if* the
>BIOS is new enough to support it, and *if* the nodes were booted with
>'apm=power-off' on the kernel command line, then they should actually
>power off.
>Another option would be something like this:
>With that (ungodly expensive) power strip, you can remotely cut the power
>to selected outlets.  It probably can be automated, but you'd have to
>check that.
>As Jim said, though, all this is great, but there really does need to be
>one final level of hardware level failsafe.  It is entirely conceivable
>that all your software monitoring could fail, and the temperature will
>still be climbing.  There needs to be a piece of hardware in the room that
>literally cuts power to the whole damn room at a set temperature that is
>(obviously) above the one that trips your software shutdown scripts.
>Joshua Baker-LePain
>Department of Biomedical Engineering
>Duke University
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