Why MDKC & CLIC are not comparable to RH Advanced [Was Re: Redhat Fedora]

Erwan Velu erwan at mandrakesoft.com
Thu Sep 25 11:30:05 EDT 2003

> > Scientists for example are not Linux Guru.
> Ummm, what makes you say that?
Sorry, I meant that not all the Scientists are able to manage all the configuration needed by a cluster.
We give Scientists an easiest way to setup things that could take them

> p.s. Oh, you mean ALL scientists aren't linux bozos (gurus seems like a
> pretentious word:-).  Sure, but scientists who work on massively
> parallel computers are fairly likely to be, or they are likely to hire
> someone who is.  If they are already paying that person large sums of
> money, why pay you as well?  
You can pay someone to manage more clusters when he's working on
powerfull tools rather paying one doing everything by hand.
If everyone should compile/configure/understand all the technologies
included in a product, some could be frighten of this !

> >If they don't have such a person, will they really be able to manage a cluster without one?  
Depending on what you call "manage" but for usual tasks... yes !

> >Even setting up a TCP/IP switched ethernet network requires expertise, as does adding
> accounts, debugging problems. 
For adding accounts, you just need to know the username/password and the
logical parition you want him to be. Not really complicated !

> > Plug and play solutions are indeed very expensive, because they have to be nearly flawless to work in an
> environment without support.
Our solution is to build autoconfigured services. It works really
fine...I've integrated this product in a big architecture.. The cluster
is working fine !
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