Why MDKC & CLIC are not comparable to RH Advanced [Was Re: Redhat Fedora]

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Sep 25 06:57:20 EDT 2003

dOn Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Erwan Velu wrote:

> > For many users they need nothing but the
> > kernel, a shell, MPI or PVM daemons or clients, and some libraries.  A
> > relatively fancy node might add some scheduling or monitoring daemons.
> I agree on that point but I'm not sure that everyone wants to know how does it works,
> and take the time to set up everything. Scientists for example are not
> Linux Guru.

Ummm, what makes you say that?

   rgb (Ph.D. theoretical physics, 1982)

p.s. Oh, you mean ALL scientists aren't linux bozos (gurus seems like a
pretentious word:-).  Sure, but scientists who work on massively
parallel computers are fairly likely to be, or they are likely to hire
someone who is.  If they are already paying that person large sums of
money, why pay you as well?  If they don't have such a person, will they
really be able to manage a cluster without one?  Even setting up a
TCP/IP switched ethernet network requires expertise, as does adding
accounts, debugging problems.  Plug and play solutions are indeed very
expensive, because they have to be nearly flawless to work in an
environment without support.

   rgb (again, back in beowulfish guise)

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