opteron problems

Joshua Aune luken at linuxnetworx.com
Fri Sep 19 21:31:10 EDT 2003

On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 at 12:58:58PM -0700, Glen Kaukola wrote:
> We've purchased a few Opteron's to play with, and they're turning out to 
> not be very stable.  The motherboard in the systems is the Tyan Thunder 
> K8S S2280, and I'm running Red Hat 9 on two of them and Suse 8.2 x86_64 
> beta on the other two.  Each machine has the latest version of the bios 
> from Tyan's website.  I'm running the setiathome client, and a few of 

Do you know if the tyan BIOS has all the latest processor errata for
your CPU rev implemented?  We were working with 2 very large opteron
systems, one with B3 rev CPUs and another with C0 rev CPUs.  At the time
the BIOS didn't implement all the errata for the B3 rev of CPUs so they
crashed regularly with very odd oopses (random memory corruption)
while the C0 based systems were solid.  After the BIOS was fixed the B3s
worked just as well as the C0s.

> our own applications to stress test the systems.  All the machines seem 
> to either lock up, crash with a kernel panic, or reboot out of the 
> blue.  The lock ups, crashes, and reboots seem to happen at random about 
> once a day, to once every 3 days.

> So, I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues, and if you 
> figured out any way to overcome them?

Analyzing lots and lots of oopses :)

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