Beowulfery under CYGWIN

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Thu Sep 18 16:57:24 EDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 18:28, Frank Joerdens wrote:
> I've got a wee little 10-node Athlon 1800+ cluster here in the office
> which is sitting idle a lot of the time. It's designated purpose is
> Cinema4D rendering, which only runs under Windoze, unfortunately (I
> *really* tried to get it to work under WINE, it's no-go: some arcane bug
> relating to wsock32, it seems, where I'm totally out of depth as to
> fixing it, and the WINE people weren't interested enough in the
> problem), so I can't run Linux on it (dual-boot I looked into also; it's
> impractical in our scenario here).
> Hence my thinking, seeing that I'd like to learn some Beowulfery, that
> it might be possible to do it under CYGWIN.

You might wanna consider doing it the other way round. Running Linux on
the nodes, and on top of that VMWare with the appropriate Windows and
your application. Gather the virtual windows desktops in a single VNC
desktop under linux eases the pain of running multiple windows machines

I've done this with some success in a 12 node setup.

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