Beowulfery under CYGWIN

Mike Eggleston mikee at
Thu Sep 18 14:43:30 EDT 2003

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Frank Joerdens wrote:

> I've got a wee little 10-node Athlon 1800+ cluster here in the office
> which is sitting idle a lot of the time. It's designated purpose is
> Cinema4D rendering, which only runs under Windoze, unfortunately (I
> *really* tried to get it to work under WINE, it's no-go: some arcane bug
> relating to wsock32, it seems, where I'm totally out of depth as to
> fixing it, and the WINE people weren't interested enough in the
> problem), so I can't run Linux on it (dual-boot I looked into also; it's
> impractical in our scenario here).
> Hence my thinking, seeing that I'd like to learn some Beowulfery, that
> it might be possible to do it under CYGWIN.
> Has anyone tried yet? Would it be worth having a go at it, or is it
> clear from the start that you'd have to hack the sources quite
> extensively?

I don't know about the full architecture, but I do know that sshd runs
just fine as a service under cygwin.

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