Opteron Fortran (was Re: flood of bounces frompostmaster at systemsfirm.net)

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at inel.gov
Wed Oct 22 12:22:20 EDT 2003

Robert G. Brown wrote:

> BTW, you (and of course the rest of the list) are just the man to ask;
> what is the status of Opterons and fortran compilers.  I myself don't
> use fortran any more, but a number of folks at Duke do, and they are
> starting to ask what the choices are for Opterons.  A websearch reveals
> that PGI, Absoft, NAG, Lahey, and perhaps others claim to have an
> Opteron fortran, but rumor also suggests that a number of these are
> really "beta" quality with bugs that may or may not prove fatal to any
> given project.  Then there is Gnu.

I have used the PGI compiler 5.0-2 on SuSE SLES 8 with Radion
Technologies' (www.radiative.com) Attila Fortran 90 code.  One of our
scientists has run models in which a single Attila process allocates
up to about 7GB of RAM.  The performance of the Opteron was quite
impressive too.

I'm still testing the g77 3.3 prerelease that SuSE includes.  By default
it creates 64 bit binaries.

The gfortran (G95) snapshot doesn't work, but I'm planning on building
it myself later on and trying to compile the above Attila code with it.
Radiative looked at this earlier (months ago) and it wasn't ready at
that time.


> Any comments on any of these from you (or anybody, really)?  Is there a
> functional 64-bit Gnu fortran for the Opteron?  Does Intel Fortran work?
> Do the compilers permit access to large (> 3GB) memory, do they optimize
> the use of that memory, do they support the various SSE instructions?
> I'm indirectly interested in this as it looks like I'm getting Opterons
> for my next round of cluster purchases personally, although I'll be
> using C on them (hopefully 64 bit Gnu C).
>    rgb
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