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C J Kenneth Tan -- Heuchera Technologies <cjtan at> wrote:

> Greg,
> > Is it a 100x100 matrix LU decomposition? Well, no, because Intel's
> > MKL and the free ATLAS library run at a respectable % of peak.
> Our benchmarks concentrate on xGEQRF, xGESVD, xGETRF, xGETRS, xGESV,
> xPOTRF, xPOSV, xPPTRF, xGEEV, extending to xGETRI, and xTRTRI.
> Have you tried DPPSV or DPOSV on Itanium, for example?  I would be
> interested in the percentage of peak that you achieve with MKL and
> ATLAS, for up to 10000x10000 matrices.
> ATLAS does not have full LAPACK implementation.

This gets ATLAS to provide its faster LAPACK routines to a full LAPACK


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