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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Oct 9 14:24:22 EDT 2003

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 10:04:20AM +0000, C J Kenneth Tan -- Heuchera Technologies wrote:

> Our white papers are not on the Web they contain performance data, and
> particularly, performance data comparing against our competitors.  It
> may expose us to libel legal issues.

Welcome to the Internet. In the US, that's not an issue, so we're used
to being able to get our performance data without having to ask a
human.  BTW, in the US, your lawyers would recommend that your "Up to
32X faster" claim would need a "results not typical" disclaimer.

> > I looked and didn't see a single performance claim there.
> There is one on the front page!

Sorry, I should have said "didn't see a single credible performance
claim there". Bogus-looking claims do not help you sell to the HPC
market, either in the US or Europe.

-- greg

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