How : up2date 128 nodes of Redhat 9 ?

Erwan Velu erwan at
Wed Nov 26 04:58:32 EST 2003

Le sam 22/11/2003 à 05:41, Woo Chat Ming a écrit :
> Dear beowulf friends,

>   We are a university in Hong Kong and we have a Redhat Linux 9
> beowulf cluster consisting of 128 nodes. All of them have real
> IP address and are connected to the Internet.
Woow ! Your nodes are using public IPs ? Why not MASQUERADING them ?

>   May I know how can I up2date all those nodes using a single 
> command ?
You may use a parallel command such as rshp or c3  to ask your nodes to
update themself.

On MandrakeClustering/CLIC, urpmi parallel allow you to install packages
on a full cluster.
In your case, the following command executed on the server, ask each
node to choose the updates it needs from the sources the server knows
(the main distribution, updates from internet, your own packages etc..)
and then uses rshp&mput from KA-Tools (
for copying/installing efficiently rpms on each nodes. It take the same
range of time for 1 or 200 nodes !

urpmi.update -a # <-- Read the lastest updates for your rpms sources 
urpmi --parallel cluster --auto-select # <-- Ask each node of the
"cluster" group to update itself with the list of rpms that the server

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