distributed computing applications

Suresh Chandra Mannava virtualsuresh at yahoo.co.in
Sat Nov 22 00:34:52 EST 2003

distributed computing efforts.
I am interested in the area of Distibuted/
Parallel/High performnace computing, as  a part of my
study I am preparing a list of applications that can
utilise distributed computing power. 
I made a small list by searching on the internet,
there are much more applications  yet to added. I
request you to provide pointers for latest
applications and the applictaions I missed.
I also request you to provide pointers for
applications specific to Beowulf clusters

Here is the list:

(They are not properly organised)

1) Visualization, image processing, rendering, special
Parallel ray-tracing
University of Bristol (Computer Graphics group)
Kwangu Institute of Science & technology (Information
System group)

2)Data mining

PAPIA -PArallel Protein Information Analysis
PADMA-PArallel Data Mining Agents

3)Goggle – Web Search Engine with Linux cluster (more
than 10,000 servers).

4) High Performance, High availability web servers
   eddieware, khttpd(Static pages)

5)Computing in Computational fluid dynamics

6)Search for Extraterrestrial Life (SETI) 
Radio signals are monitored by Computationally-intense

7)Folding at Home: 
An effort to understand protein folding and
aggregation for use toward fighting degenerative

8)Find-a-Drug: http://www.find-a-drug.org/
  Evaluates the potential of different molecules to
interact with certain protein targets. Molecules that
are found to be "hits" can become new drug candidates
used for treating important diseases.

9) GIMPS: The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search:
  Searches for record-size Mersenne prime numbers.
Discovered the 39th known  Mersenne prime number,
2^13,466,917 - 1 on November 14, 2001.

10)Distributed Search for Fermat Number Divisors:
  Searches for additional divisors of Fermat numbers.
Found 7 new divisorsin 2003.

1) Brute force attacks on cryptographic keys
Cracking RC4, RC5, DES
Cracking Passwords

12)other Applications

Computing for Genomic Analysis
Genetic programming
“Big Science” problems involving modeling, simulating
and understanding large complex systems, example:
sub atomic physics
climate modeling
Biomedicine and Biochemistry

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