bpcp with globbing

Dan Stanzione dstanzi at clemson.edu
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>From: "Jean Paul Ampuero" <jampuero at princeton.edu>
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>Subject: bpcp with globbing

> I am trying to gather output files from the slaves to the master node
> using the bpcp command (example: bpcp 2:/scratch/ampuero/SCEC1/S001*
> ~ampuero)
> But globbing does not work the way I'd like: bpcp tries to expand the *
> in the master,
> instead of in the slave.
> Similar problem with "bpsh -a cp /scratch/ampuero/SCEC1/S0* ~ampuero".
> Is there a workaround ?

I'm assuming you're running Scyld?

That's actually a problem with the shell itself more than bpcp; and unlike
some utilities (like say, scp) you can't get around by simply putting the
thing in quotes.   I haven't had the patience to find a "good" fix, but
it seems from your example you have all the files you need on an NFS
or other shared directory, and you're just trying to move them to local

A really ugly work-around (but it takes 10 seconds) is just to put the
cp command with the wildcard argument into a one-line script, then
run "bpsh -a <scriptname>" and the arguments will be expanded on
the slaves.

There's got to be a better way to do this, but that will get you
through the night.  Any ideas, Don?


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