bpcp with globbing

Jean Paul Ampuero jampuero at Princeton.EDU
Thu Nov 13 14:44:32 EST 2003

I am trying to gather output files from the slaves to the master node
using the bpcp command (example: bpcp 2:/scratch/ampuero/SCEC1/S001* 
But globbing does not work the way I'd like: bpcp tries to expand the * 
in the master,
instead of in the slave.
Similar problem with "bpsh -a cp /scratch/ampuero/SCEC1/S0* ~ampuero".
Is there a workaround ?

Jean Paul (Pablo) AMPUERO

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Princeton University - Department of Geosciences
Guyot Hall, Room 321 B - Princeton NJ 08544
  Office: (609) 258 2598
  Mobile: (609) 638 0106
  Fax   : (609) 258 1671

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