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Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Wed Nov 5 00:30:35 EST 2003

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On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 03:05 pm, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> On 4 Nov 2003, Patrick Geoffray wrote:
> > But what about this twin photon spin stuff ? You send a photon, you keep
> > his twin brother and when you spin the second one, the first one spin
> > the same way a few thousand miles away....
> Oooo, don't get me started on EPR.  All I can say is no, no, and no.
> Can't describe relativistic phenomena with non-relativistic physics, and
> you can't "spin one photon one way" and do anything at all to the other
> thousands of miles away.

I think he's talking about things like using entanglement for crypto key 
exchanges, etc, which has already been done.

Viz:		http://www.quiprocone.org/pressrelease_JRarity.htm

Jan 2001 -	DERA Scientists achieve world record 1.9km range for free- space
		secure key exchange using quantum cryptography.

My favourite quote:

	To avoid air turbulence effects the experiment was carried out over an
	elevated path with the receiver on the DERA Malvern site and the
	transmitter located in a rented room in a conveniently situated pub on
	the side of the Malvern hills.

These are smart cookies working on this, John is an Institute of Physics medal 
winner (1995).

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