10 Pb/sec? Re: IB vs Myrinet

Brian Dobbins brian.dobbins at yale.edu
Wed Nov 5 00:38:03 EST 2003

  Hah!  Big trucks?  Actually, if we use a collection of 8-disk RAID 5 
arrays, equipped with Maxtor's 320GB EIDE HDD, we'd get effectively 2.24 
TB per array, right?  That can fit in a 2U rack, and we'd need 56 of them 
to reach 125 TB, so if we seperate that into 2 x 28, we'd need two rows, 
each 19" wide, 24" (approx.) tall, and 28 x 3.5" long - or 8.17 feet.

  (Laying them straight up, in this case)

  Hmm... let's make it 2 x 2 rows, 14 deep, so we've got a bulk that's 38" 
wide, 48" tall, and 49" long.  Add a little for padding, I guess, but 
since this is just for throughput not counting, uh, well, lots of error 
correcting that may be needed if the road is bumpy, we'd get something 
a little over three feet wide, 4 feet tall, and just over 4 feet long, 

  Taking a look at Chevy.com, it appears that the basic Silverado 1500 has 
a cargo box width of 49 inches, so we'd just make it, and a whopping 78.6 
inches in length, so we can fit all of our RAID arrays, plus plenty of 
room left over for beer to celebrate the milestone with afterwards.   :)

> All myricom needs is a bunch of trucks.  BIG trucks...:-)

  I'm betting with a U-Hual we could update the roadmaps even more!  

  - Brian 

Brian Dobbins
Yale University Mechanical Engineering
"Be nice to other people... they outnumber you six billion to one."

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