Opteron (x86-64) compute farms/clusters?

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at inel.gov
Tue Jun 24 10:09:09 EDT 2003

Andrew Wang wrote:

> How well the existing tools run on Opteron machines?
> Does LAM-MPI or MPICH run in 64-bit mode? Also, has
> anyone tried Gridengine or PBS on it?
> Lastly, is there an opensource Opteron compile farm
> that I can access? I would like to see if my code
> really runs correctly on them before buying!
> Andrew.

Most vendors will give you a remote account or send you
an evaluation unit.  I imagine you'll probably be
contacted off-list by several of them.

I've compiled a 64-bit MPICH, GROMACS, and a few other
codes with a GCC 3.3 prerelease.  I have also used the
beta PGI compiler with good results.  Some build
scripts require slight modification to recognize
x86-64 as an architecture, but most porting is trivial.
GROMACS has some optimized assembly that didn't come
out quite right, but I bet they have it fixed by now.

All my testing was a couple of weeks before the release,
but I haven't gotten any in yet unfortunately.


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