Opteron (x86-64) compute farms/clusters?

Thomas Alrutz Thomas.Alrutz at dlr.de
Tue Jun 24 04:19:48 EDT 2003

I just made some benchmarks on a Opteron 240 (1.4 GHz) node running with
Suse/United Linux Enterprise edition.
I have sucessfully compiled mpich-1.2.4 in 64 bit without any problems
(./configure -device=ch_p4 -commtype=shared). The default compiler is
the gcc-3.2.2 (maybe a Suse patch) and is set to 64Bit, the Portland
(5.0beta) compiler didn't worked at all !

I tried our CFD-code (TAU) to run 3 aerodynamik configurations on this
machine with both CPUs and the results are better then estimated.
We achieved in full multigrid (5 cycles, 1 equation turbulence model) a
efficiency of about 97%, 92% and 101 % for the second CPU.
Those results are much better as the results we get on the Intel Xeons
(around 50%).

 __/|__ | Dipl.-Math. Thomas Alrutz
/_/_/_/ | DLR Institut fuer Aerodynamik und Stroemungstechnik
  |/    | Numerische Verfahren
    DLR | Bunsenstr. 10
        | D-37073 Goettingen/Germany

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