[OT] Maximum performance on single processor ?

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Fri Jun 20 15:26:01 EDT 2003


>From what little I've heard my advice for this rig is: 

1. The athlon MP is limited by its 266mhz FSB... For truly
single-threaded code, get an Athlon 3200 and a dual channel DDR board...

This should earn you roughly a 1.6x speedup over your existing rig...

I, myself, am using only 1.2ghz chips in my dual athlon because of the
limited system bandwidth..

2. The current benchmark king is the P4 3.0 ghz/ 4x200mhz FSB. You can
profit from this even more if you have two threads going... (this would
be roughly 2x over the MP you mentioned..)...

3. It still isn't clear what your simulation is (I might have missed it)
but it _MIGHT_ be profitable to seperate out your front end.. If your
front end requires quite a bit more than what can be farmed out to an
OpenGL 1.3+ gfx accelerator, an the bandwidth to your engine is
reasonable, consider putting your front end on the athlon mentioned
above and your back-end on the P4 and link them over GBE... Then make
sure there is as little overhead as possible on the P4... Take off all
unnecessary software...

Depending on how much CPU your front end takes and how well you can make
your network work for you, this could earn you as much as a 2x speedup
over the 1.6x above...

Testimonial: I wasted 2,000 hours using Linux.

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