[OT] Maximum performance on single processor ?

John Hearns jhearns at freesolutions.net
Fri Jun 20 07:03:16 EDT 2003

> I am sorry if this query is slightly off-topic for the list.
> But I guess that many people here have also experiences with
> respect to my enquiry.
> We are looking for the highest performance machine on single
> (or very few, let's say 4) processors, because we need to run
> unparallelized and/or poorly parallelized code.
> Our budget is of roughly 20000 $, and a linux/beowulf platform
> would be ideal.
> The current top Intel x86 or AMD processors are too slow, and we
> do not have access to other architectures.

Being mischevous, $20000 would probably buy you the cabinet for a

Seriously though, people on the list will ask for more information on your
You say 'too slow' - exaclty what do you mean by this?
If it is (say) an application like gene sequence matching, which takes a
long time
to match against databases, then you may be unable to speed up individual
But what you CAN do, and what will probably make your researchers happy, is
have a high throughput - so you get good utilisation of your machines, and
results coming
through the pipeline.

The list really needs some specifics though - and some timings on the
you have tried.

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