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John Hearns jhearns at
Mon Jun 9 12:08:26 EDT 2003

> Kill-a-Watt (available at Radio Shack for $30) can measure VA, Watts,
> and power factor.  At the input to my UPS unit (supporting a dual CPU
> server, a fast ethernet switch, etc.), it reports about 185 VA or 130 W
> or power factor 0.7 (somewhat lower than Jim's example).
For us European types, a quick search of the Radio Shack UK site did not
this product.

So I did some Googling, and found a european version at
(referenced in a thread on Tesla coils, with Jim Lux as a contributor.
Do you really have such a thing, Jim?)

It looks as if it has a Euro-standard power plug/socket.

A UK distributor is listed as:
They just told me there is no 'UK tooled' version - ie. no UK three pin
socket. They are getting me some idea of pricings for the Euro model.

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