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Thu Jun 5 10:30:49 EDT 2003

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for the input, and I will check out your web page.

I might have mis-stated my objective.  Yes, I do have two old PCs that
I can use to build a Beowulf cluster.  (My resources are limited, so
the pre-built cluster is not an option at the moment.)

I understand the principles behind a Beowulf cluster and message-passing,
problem partitioning, etc.  My question was an attempt to determine/identify
a project to join that could utilize the cluster (2-nodes) so that I could
understand the programming better and learn more about the behavior of the
cluster itself and how to optimize the cluster.

I thought that joining a project that's already in process would give me a 
head-start - someone else would have already planned out the problem to be
solved, determined the best way (or, at least, A way) to solve it, and was
ready (or has been) implementing the solution.

My background is programming, rather than a specific domain, so I feel that
I can assist with any project that is out there.  

Which problem domains might be the most interesting?
Are there projects that can use another programming hand?
If I need to, how can I find a project and begin the process on my own?

I do appreciate any and all direction you can provide,

> Hi Dave:
> Do you have 2 old machines you could try and hook together? That's all
> you need to get started..  I very detailed description of how to setup
> is on my
> Webpage..
> you can buy a ready made cluster online! An 8 node cluster will set you
> back about $10k (depends on the components though.. that is a very good
> one!)
> heidi
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> Hi all,
> I've been lurking on this list for a while and have finally gotten up
> the nerve to ask a question.
> How can I get started in the Beowulf arena?
> Ideally, I'd like to become active on a project somewhere and learn
> as I go.
> Does anyone have ideas on how this could be accomplished?
> Dave
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