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Thu Jun 5 10:20:48 EDT 2003

Unfortunately (or fortunately), my experience is in programming, rather
than physics or epidemiology or another area that had domain-specific

I've heard of some "hard" problems that would require the use of a Beowulf-
type cluster, but don't know enough of the specifics to take it to
programming the cluster at this point (optimization isn't even close
to the table at this point.)

I mentioned becoming active on a project with the idea that I could
join something in process and learn how the tasks are identified and
how they are solved - and what methods work best to solve problem X.

How do I find a project and get to the point where I can begin to
consider the programming questions?

> > How can I get started in the Beowulf arena?
> find a project.  something you want to compute.
> > Ideally, I'd like to become active on a project somewhere and learn
> > as I go.
> cooperative projects really only work if participants
> have a concrete goal in mind ("fix feature x").
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