Data corruption w/ tg3 and bcm5700 drivers

Bryan K. Wright bryan at ayesha.phys.Virginia.EDU
Tue Jun 3 10:36:24 EDT 2003

Hi folks,

	We're having some problems with the tg3 and bcm5700 drivers,
and I was hoping somebody out there might have a clue to share.

	We have several boxes based on the GA-7DPXDW+ motherboard,
with 3c996 network cards.  (According to the bcm5700 driver, these
identify themselves as BCM95700A6.)

	We've tried both the bcm5700 driver and a couple of versions 
of the tg3 driver (1.2 and 1.5) with similar results.  We've tried the
tg3 drivers with both the "stock" Red Hat 2.4.18-5 kernel (from RH
7.2) and with the openMosix 2.4.20-openmosix2 kernel.

	We find that, transferring large (multi-gigabyte) files from
one machine to another results in either an error that aborts the
transfer (at a random time) or, if the transfer completes, we find
that the transferred file has the same size as the original, but
their checksums (from /usr/bin/sum) differ.

	If we try the transfer using scp, the transfer always aborts,
often with a message about a corrupt Message Authentication Code.  Using
ftp, the transfer will sometimes complete.

	Interestingly, we find that if we do the experiment with
a file full of zeros (e.g., dd if=/dev/zero of=junk.dat ...) the
checksums match (on those occasions when the transfer completes,
that is).  Real data is always corrupted, though.

	We've tried this with nothing but a cross-connect cable 
between the boxes, with the same results.

	Any suggestions would be appreciated, either solutions or
diagnostics we can try.

					Thanks in advance,
					Bryan Wright

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