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Mon Jul 28 22:03:57 EDT 2003

hi ya

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, Angel Rivera wrote:

> > a good box works out of the crate ( outof the box ) and keeps
> > working for years and years.. and keeps working even if you
> > open the covers and fiddle with the insides
> Sounds great on paper, but... 


and that is precisely why i dont use gateway, compaq, dell ...
( i wont be putting important data on those boxes )

i qa/qc my own boxes for production use ... 
and yes, never touch a box in production .. never ever .. no matter what
well within reason ...if the production boxes are dying... fix it asap
and methodically and documented and tested and qa'd and qc'd and

c ya

> When one buys hundreds of boxes at a whack, the major issue, besides the 
> normal shipping ones, is going to be the firmware differences between the 
> boxes which has a tendency to bite you that the most inopportune moment. 
> Dell is no worse than some and a lot better than others. 
> We drive a real production commercial cluster.  I would NEVER open an in 
> service production box.  Messing up a production run results in serious 
> money(and time)being lost. 

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