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Angel Rivera angel at
Mon Jul 28 21:53:37 EDT 2003

Alvin Oga writes: 

> a good box works out of the crate ( outof the box ) and keeps
> working for years and years.. and keeps working even if you
> open the covers and fiddle with the insides

Sounds great on paper, but... 

When one buys hundreds of boxes at a whack, the major issue, besides the 
normal shipping ones, is going to be the firmware differences between the 
boxes which has a tendency to bite you that the most inopportune moment. 
Dell is no worse than some and a lot better than others. 

We drive a real production commercial cluster.  I would NEVER open an in 
service production box.  Messing up a production run results in serious 
money(and time)being lost. 

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