Linux support for AMD Opteron with Broadcom NICs

Egan Ford egan at
Thu Jul 3 16:53:21 EDT 2003

> For those of you who have such a box: which distribution are 
> you using?
> Any advice on how to get those GigE Broadcom NICs to work?

I have 2 boxes with 2 Opterons and 2 onboard Broadcoms NICs and have had
very minor but expected problems installing:

SLES8 x86_64
SLES8 x86
RH 7.3


SLES8 x86_64 recognized the NIC in reverse order than that of RH73 and SLES8
x64.  Adding netdevice=eth1 to Autoyast network installer was the work
around.  FYI, Autoyast is like kickstart but for SuSE distros.

SLES8 x86 needed a minor tweak to the network boot image to find the
BCM5700s.  But the module was just fine.

RH 7.3 needed a new module and pcitable entry in the network boot image for
installation.  I also had to update the runtime bcm5700 support.  HINT:
RH7.3 installs the athlon kernel.  I'd love to know how to tell kickstart to
force i686.  I used version 6.2.11 from

I am too lazy to do CD installs so I only tested network installing.  My
demo machines came with IDE drives, I suspect that if I had SCSI that RH7.3
would have needed that updated as well in the installer.

I just downloaded gingin64, but have not tested it yet.  I suspect that it
will work just fine.  Anyone know what gingin64 is?  RH8, RH9, RH10,...?

I am impressed with SLES8 x86_64.  The updated NUMA kernel with the numactl
command is very nice.  You can peg a process and its children to a processor
and memory bus or threads of an OMP application to the memory of the
processor the thread is running it.  Helps with benchmarks like STREAM and
SPECfp on multiprocessor systems.  Now if someone will add it as an option
to mpirun...

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